Avondale Running Club is an enthusiastic member of the National Black Marathoner's Association
The Avondale Running Club members support State Senator Eric Kearney's walk for children's
health each year since 2008.
Club Warm-up Order Form
Grace on Wheels
ARC Club Member,
Sylvester Cooper
Inspires Flying Pig
Marathon  Runner

If you walk or run for fun or you are in training for a
competition you'll find willing ARC clubs members
to participate with you.  If you wish to join ARC
please print, complete and submit the membership
Application.     Annual Membership fee is $15.00
Mail your membership fee payable to :  
Avondale Running Club
PO Box 29238
Cincinnati, OH 45229
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The Avondale Running Club
P.O. Box 29238
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
Runners & Walkers
Working on our Health and Wellbeing since 1982
Quilts from the Heart   Turn Your T-shirts into a beautiful quilt
The Kids of Avondale
are our passion.  They
are why we do what for
our health and theirs.
We are proud to have received the Rev.
Clarence Wallace Community Partners
Award. It is a evidence of our dedication
to serve the Avondale community.